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Free OBSGraphicClock - Skinnable analog watch with countdown 3.6

Added PayPal button in case you'd like to buy me a coffee ;-)

I have digged a little deeper into how a tourbillon works - especially what rotates with it and figured, that the oscillating spinning wheel is part of the rotating tourbillon cage. So with 3.5 the balance wheel will not only oscillate but also rotate. Plus I have added the escape wheel that will make a click / step for every second movement of the balance wheel and then stop - like it does in real life.

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You can now create watches with a skeletal area that shows an oscillating balance wheel and even a spinning tourbillon and one more spinning gear wheel. Elements can be sized and positioned. Foreground will remain the file WatchfaceFull.png. You can add a background as WatchfaceFullBG.png. In the 2 samples you will find 3 new files that make this new setup: BalanceWheel.png, gearwheel.png and Tourbillon.png

(Check out this video to see it in action: https://faltinek.de/freestuff/obs/OBSGraphicClock.3.4.mp4)




Also I have added a user-generated design: SNCF French rail station - made by @GiacoAV:



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Will play alarm.wav or alarm.mp3 from the skin folder and display a custom text when countdown is over

  • Added skins Niederstueter Remus, Niederstueter Tacitvs, Niederstueter Hausmeister and Car Speedo
  • Fixed layer order for ontop designs so that countdown text is on top again
  • Date rotation angle will now also be saved in skin profiles
3.1 small enhancements:

if you want to work with green elements on a watch, you can now switch to magenta background.
You can also choose font (normal or bold) for the message text and if you work with an excentric layout, you can add "miniind.png" that will be rotating as the indicator bezel around the hour hand rather than the entire watch face.

The bezel that both sets and indicates remaining time / countdown is now again back on top - that s_ above the arc...
Version 3:
  • All hands are now 1000x1000 and scaled the same
  • Hands can be resized and positioned anywhere on the watch
  • Major new interface - seperates live settings from skin editing
  • Skins will reside in executable's subdirectories
  • 1click change between skins






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Correction as to the order of hands: the indicator to control the remaining time is now on top of all others.

Little enhancements to the pre-made skins and shadow settings.
With version 2.9 you can easily create a list of predefined text to use when streaming, without having to type them then. Simply open OBSGraphicClockStandardMessages.txt with a text editor and enter lines like this:

Commence dans;"Starts in" in French

The text before the ";" becomes the displayed text, after is is the desciption which will go into the combobox.