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OBS Virtualcam 2.0.5

I'm not sure how I downloaded this, but it has stopped me from using the camera during my Google Meet sessions for that last 3 months. Everything I've tried, including uninstalling OBS and deleting any registry keys I could find still does not fix the problems this add-on creates.

3 months worth of problems! Hours and hours of attempted and failed fixes! I'm frustrated to the point that I'm ready to start reporting this add-on as malware in the hopes that Google or some other company will help me find a fix.
Unfortunately it just doesn't work. I wish I could like it but when you go to download you continually get an error that doesn't allow the download to actually complete.
Ran as admin, tried more than once, it just doesn't work.
Unfortunately it crashes Firefox when enabled on google meet but on other browsers it works just fine.
it was good until i kept getting an error saying failed to input pls fix
Excelente para trasmitir en Zoom
It's also very easy to use! The only thing is that all my logos and graphics are mirrored....but that's a super simple fix!
Been working reliably for a couple of months. Great tool, thank you!
This is obviously a must have plugins. Most of the computers now have a basic webcam. But with DSLR and IP webcam software we can make our obs output as casual webcam. This thing is really awesome.