OBS SceneTransition

OBS SceneTransition 0.1.1b

Supported Bit Versions
  1. 32-bit
  2. 64-bit
OBS SceneTransition is a program that allows you to create custom transitions between scenes - using HTML/CSS and JavaScript. However, the transitions only work properly when sceneswitch is triggered via an automatic sceneswitcher - or you can manually trigger the transition via URL but good luck timing that.

It's completely free, and you can turn off the 'Give a tip' button if you don't want to see that either.

A slightly modified version of Simple Scene Switcher is included in the package, I take no credit for the creation of that plugin - I only modified it to work with OBS SceneTransition.

OBS SceneTransition

Settings for transitions

You can easily modified transitions, if you have knowledge with HTML/CSS & JavaScript you shouldn't have a problem creating new ones either.

  • 1: You must have CLR Browser Plugin installed
  • 2: Install the included SceneSwitcher (x86 or x64)
    • Remove scenesw.dll as it will be a duplicate.
  • 3: Run OBS SceneTransition
  • 4: Run OBS and go into SceneSwitcher Settings, Set your Port - Save
  • (if you save SceneSwitcher settings without running OBS SceneTransition a problem will occur)
Further instructions
People seem to be having issues getting this to work, and I have not gotten around to continue development on this plugin. However, as Katheryn commented, these steps might help you to get it working:
  1. Make sure you replace scenesw.dll
  2. Open OBS SceneSwitcher
  3. Open OBS
  4. Click Plugins --> Click OBS Scene Switcher --> Click Configure --> Setup your windows here
  5. Make http://localhost:3000/transitions/ into global source and make dimensions match your screen
  6. Make http://localhost:3000/transitions/trigger into global source and make dimensions match your screen
  7. Add both of new global sources to your scenes.
  8. Turn SceneSwitcher on by clicking on it in the menu
  9. Now it should work.
  10. Say thanks to Katheryn for helping you

  • Add a global source, CLR Browser - point it to the viewing URL
  • Add this source as the top layer on every scene that uses autoswitching.
  • Change transitions and settings via OBSSceneTransition.exe (it minimizes to tray)
  • Add images / Sounds to their respective folder.
  • Note The first transition on each start can fail.
  • Note Transitions are queued, changes made will appear on the second run.
Creating your own
  • Add a folder in /transitions/
  • create: index.html, style.css, script.js and settings.json
  • Look at example_Settings.json located in /transittions/
  • Look at the already created transitions.
Known Issues:

1. The procedure entry point ?OBSDisableTransitions@@YAXXZ could not be located in the dynamic link library

Solution: Update OBS (Help -> Check for updates)

2. OBS crashes when it attempts a sceneswitch

: This can happen if you did not do the installation steps, or the setting of the trigger file failed.

Make sure OBS SceneTransition is running. Check %Appdata%\OBS\PluginData\scenesw.ini, trigger file should equal the path to: d:\path\to\ObsSceneTransition/trigger.txt

3. Transitions not playing

: If you started streaming/preview before you started OBS SceneTransition the browser source opened a non-existing website. If you open the properties of the browser source and save it - it will force a refresh of the website.
If you find any issues
Please leave a post in the discussion, and I will try to solve the issue as soon as I can.
OBS SceneSwitcher v0.1.1b (Not well optimized)
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    MSVCP120D.dll missing Fixed issue with plugin requiring DLL
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