obs-gstreamer 0.3.2

  • added option to toggle async behavior of sinks
  • make start of pipeline asynchronous so it does not block OBS in case the resource is not available
  • Fix leaking of the bus handle. Could have let to "too many files" error when pipeline was restarted too often.
  • added a glib main loop for the source feature. this should fix a lot of things for Windows and macOS (error reporting, restarting on EOS and/or ERROR, other?)
  • fix an EOS restart issue
  • added an experimental audio filter
  • plugin reports its build hash in log (pseudo versioning)
  • properly convert planar audio formats to interleaved
  • experimental use of pipeline for audio/video filters
  • pipeline property only updates when you click new "apply" button or "ok"
  • split options to be configurable for audio and video path independently
  • calculated audio timestamps for audio only sources
  • better error recovery (stream restarting)
  • fix encoder memory leak
  • avoid memory copy for encoder
- added encoder plugin (experimental)

This is high experimental as it is not yet well tested. Basically this update adds an encoder plugin to OBS. That means you can make use of GStreamer supported H.264 encoders for streaming and recording.

Upon loading the plugin queries installed video encoders - so supported codecs depend on your system and GStreamer installation.

Currently available are x264, NVENC, OpenMAX (Tegra), OpenMAX (RaspberryPi), VA-API and VTENC (Apple hardware). Some of them are available as native encoders in OBS itself and there is little point in using them in this plugin rather than in OBS directly. Others may be helpful when porting OBS to different platforms - then this if for you.

Again, this is highly experimental. If something does not work for you, check if the x264 one of this plugin is working and report your issues. We just have to fix this together as I probably lack the hardware to make tests.
  • added option whether to clear the last frame on end-of-stream or error or not.
  • added option to set retry timeout.
  • changed macOS suffix from .dylib to .so to be actually picked up by OBS.
- Fixed some small bugs I think
- Accept RGBx and BGRx color formats
- Experimental prebuilt plugins

The prebuilt libraries are untested. If they don't work for you, please try to figure out why and report. I suspect there may be problems with dependency libraries to be found on the target system as they may be located on different ones as on the build machine..
- Add option to keep pipeline running when hidden
- fix video stride when row bytes are greater than width