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OBS Lua OBS Autostarter 0.5

Automatically start external programs when OBS starts and closes them when OBS quits

Never forget to start programs like a Chatbot or Livesplit before starting your stream ever again.

- Add Script in OBS
- Select executable / file

(Don't add a folder in the list, it will just open that folder)
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Latest updates

  1. Launch multiple Programms with a single script

    Its now possible to select multiple programs / files with a single script instance. Credits to...
  2. Auto Close Feature

    - Fixed issue with spaces in path or file name - removed .exe requirement (can now launch .bat...
  3. Path fix

    Fixed an issue where spaces is Folder Names lead to issues

Latest reviews

Super helpful! Not absolutely perfect, no plugin is, but its a great help for not having to launch multiple programs WITH obs (if you even remember to lol).
Very handy tool
I saw this script on nutty's video and its a really useful script, it fixes the problem that is to find out that Streamer.Bot is not running mid stream.

To DaviBe, I sent a pull request on your GitHub repo adding the feature to launch multiple files, I hope it helps.
Very handy and simple resource and looking forward to see how it develops.
Love this, thanks!
works as intended. thanks for this release!
i have so much stuff to boot, this is a time saver amazing work mate!