1. N

    --startreplaybuffer not working anymore in obs 28

    Since upgrading to OBS 28 the replay buffer doesnt automatically start anymore when starting obs. I used "--startreplaybuffer" before and it stopped working since the new update. Can anybody help with this issue?
  2. EGHD_Twitch

    OBS does not start on Windows startup

    Hey there. I put OBS in the auto-start folder, but it doesn't work. did I make anything wrong? Why do I have the UAC Icon on OBS? (after fresh install still there)
  3. DaviBe

    OBS Lua OBS Autostarter 0.5

    Automatically start external programs when OBS starts and closes them when OBS quits Never forget to start programs like a Chatbot or Livesplit before starting your stream ever again. - Add Script in OBS - Select executable / file (Don't add a folder in the list, it will just open that folder)