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Free Now Playing in Serato v1.4.0

  • Fix for issue where Settings UI window did not fit on smaller resolution screens.
    The window is now re-sizeable and scrolling is enabled.
  • Augmented the suffix and prefix functionality. The Artist and Song data chunks now
    can have independent suffixes and prefixes.
  • Added version number to Settings window title bar.
  • Added ability to read latest track info from Serato library history log. User now can choose between local or remote (Serato Live Playlists) polling methods.
  • Fix for issue where app would not launch on Windows due to not being able to create config.ini.
  • Changed polling method for increased efficiency.
  • Other enhancements due to new code and functionality.
  • Added UI for settings configuration. No more user accessible config.ini file.
  • Added ability to delay writing newly retrieved track info to the text file.
  • Changed Start/Stop to Pause/Resume in the system tray menu. This allows the user to suspend writing of new track info.
  • Added ability to show system notification when new track is detected. This can be turned on/off in settings. Default is 'off'.
  • Code enhancements due to new functionality.
  • Added support for Windows.
  • Added additional error handling for missing config file and invalid config values.
  • Replaced rumps library with PyQt5, since rumps was not cross-platform compatible.
  • Added ability to stop and start the playlist polling from the system tray / menu bar.
  • Changed from app name to icon in macOS menu bar, for uniformity with Windows.
Now Playing is a tool written in Python to retrieve the current/last played song in Serato DJ. It uses the Serato Live Playlists functionality and scrapes the data from the user's Live page on the Serato website. The data is written to a plain text file which can be read and used by OBS Studio.