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OBS Lua Next Scene and Previous Scene Hotkeys v1.3

In response to a request from user IveTechMedia, I've added a feature called Preview Mode.

When the Preview Mode checkbox is checked in settings and Studio Mode is being used in OBS, the next scene and previous scene hotkeys will change the preview mode rather than the active program view. This means you can use the hotkeys to change your previews and then use a transition to update the main screen.

The feature defaults to active but can be disabled form the Scripts-->Tools options menu for the script.
I've added a new checkbox option to the menu called "Loop Scenes List."

When this box is checked, pressing next scene on the final scene will move to the first scene, and pressing previous scene on the first scene will move to last scene. In other words, you can cycle through the scenes endlessly without stopping.
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Fixing a bug flagged by allsorts. Thanks!