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Mac Desktop-Audio using BlackHole

Easy to follow instructions. Successful install! Looking forward to using it. Thanks :)
Works nice, but I always hear a 2nd audio play after another audio plays first. Anyone know how to fix?
i was shearching for a solution for over 7 month before finding this amazing thread randomly
everything worked as expected, the guide was simple and clear, solved a 7month problem

also i had to select the device in the audio setting else i couldn record anything from it but thanks
I feel like I am getting so close, but the screenshots don't match. I'm on a 2021 Macbook (with Monterey) and using an Easycap type video capture to digitize VHS tapes. I'm finally getting a pretty good video signal but no audio. I installed Blackhole and selected it in my Sound>Input on the Mac and then added an audio input source in OBS but still nothing....suggestions?
I created an account to leave a review and express my appreciation. Thanks to this guide, I can finally record audio with video on my Mac.

I was stumped briefly on step 4, because I wasn't aware of the Audio MIDI Setup software on my device. But it was just a matter of finding it. The rest was smooth sailing.
Funny, I already spent 2 hours trying to figure out what's wrong, found this thread and these illustrations. I thought: wow finally, someone got exact problem like mine and even steps are exactly the same. I was ready to scroll down to see the question and answer, but then I realised the whole thread is instruction, not question or issue. I give up, I tried blackhole, soundflower, reinstalling obs, different options of OBS with different outputs, inputs, channels, bitrate, exports, different configurations of midi devices, different audio speakers but while Movavi and native recorder can capture the sound, OBS studio does not see it at all.
Hey, come on down to the obs discord and I can take a look to see if I can help you out. Just ping me and I’ll be able to take a look
Precise description of what you have to, with pictures illustrating everything.
Even small details like telling users how to install third party apps and a link on how to install BlackHole via Homebrew (the no-email option) have been added.
Pretty much everything that could be in there is in there.