Loot's Tools: Automate your Streams to the Next Level

Semi-free Loot's Tools: Automate your Streams to the Next Level v2.4.1

Hey there! Darye here!

The inability of copying Cards shared with LootsTrading is now fixed, and the Collection Selection (to where the Card is copied) is better, even simpler, and error-proof.

LootsTrading is now completely incorporated into "Diet" Loot's Tools.

Until next time,
  • Darye
Hey there! Darye here!
Some time ago, LootsTrading and LaTEX were disabled in favor of Loot's Tools UI, incorporated again by a workaround. This workaround, however, made the program twice as big, but today we put Loot's Tools on a diet, getting it to the original size of 50MB.
Other changes made were the inclusion of the "Set Variable" command to, as the name suggests, set variables on the execution of the Card's commands.
Some issues came with the re-enablement of LootsTrading and LaTEX:
  • Cards cannot be copied, a solution is being thought of (Collections, however, have no problem at all)
  • All of LaTEX's methods now require the EXtension's ID
A solution for the copying Cards problem will come up soon (I'll try to ).
Until next time,
  • Darye
Hey there! Darye here!
This update is a small one, with some bug fixes and QOL things here and there:
  • Reload EXtensions
    Now you can reload your EXtensions. You can do it by clicking the reload button on the EXtensions Page on Loot's Tools UI.
    It'll also reload when you install an EXtension through LaTEX.
  • Tray Icon Bugfix
    Now, the tray icon of the Loot's Tools Console disappears when closed.
  • Automatic restart when upgrading to Loot's Tools Plus
    When purchasing Loot's Tools Plus, you needed to restart Loot's Tools in order to get Plus' Features working.
    Now, on Plus upgrade, it does it automatically (if Loot's Tools is running).
Until next time,
  • Darye
Hey there! Darye here!
I've been working on some things to try and make Loot's Tools' User Experience as good as possible, so here are some bug fixes and added stuff!:
  • EXtension Pages!
    LootsToolsEX for Twitch EXtension Page on Loot's Tools UI
Now EXtensions can have their own pages on Loot's Tools UI, with instantaneous sync with the Console. Great for configs and variables! (Documentation soon!)
  • Fixed Auto-Update!
    The Auto-Update method gave some headaches because sometimes it'd get stuck on a loop, but now it's fixed (and better designed)!
  • Better Installation Process!
    When installing Loot's Tools for the first time, it asks you to restart your computer, to then, when opening the tool again, ask you to log in. Now, when restarting on the installation process, a window asking you to finish Loot's Tools' Setup and log in will pop.
I'm thinking about making some videos explaining how to install and set up Loot's Tools, and giving an introduction and some examples too, what do you think?
As always, if any issue is presented, don't hesitate on contacting me or reporting it on the Discord Server or on Github's Issues.
Until next time,
  • Darye
Hey there! Darye here!
The release of the new Command-system brought with it some bugs and problems, mostly with EXtensions; this mini-update fixes them.
Also, on the UI, there now are, when Enhancing a Card or clicking on it, shortcuts for editing it on the built-in Command Editor, and the button to open the folder, is now on the Editor's page of the Card, on a button that says "Open Card's Folder".
I hope this makes the new system as perfect as it can, but if you find any bugs, feel free to open an issue.
Until next time,
  • Darye
Hey there! Darye here!
I might have restructured the entire Commands writing and parsing... ups. ;)
Worry not, I've incorporated retro-compatibility with the old system, so when the old file is read, it makes this new JSON-formatted file.
( NOTE: Old versions of Loot's Tools won't work with the new version of the UI, and vice-versa. )
( NOTE2: RND block and variable setting aren't on this version, it'll be incorporated on the next one along a UI mini-update )


For EXtension-makers
This new file format lets the Commands have more complex arguments, and makes the EXtension-making process easier because each argument passes on its value on the "args" object. You'll need to get the argument with the name you put on the EXtension's info.
Also, now to commandInterpreterExtension, the entire block ( {"data": {"customCommandName": "OBSCHANGESETTINGS", "args": {"source": "1", "configChanged": "2", "config": "3"}}, "type": "custom"}, for example ), passes instead of the old-formatted command.

Documentation will be made soon.
Until the next time,
- Darye
Hey there! Darye here!
Here's an update I wanted for a while, the inclusion of a Card Editor for Loot's Tools, incorporated on the UI.
This would make the learning curve of using Loot's Tools and Enhanced Cards easier on the user.

Loot's Tools Card Editor

To select and edit a Card, click "- Select a Card -" and choose your Card.

And edit your Card 's Commands!

Note only Enhanced not-Advanced Cards are editable, Advanced Cards are advised to be edited on a dedicated code editor (IDE).
Don't forget to save your progress! ;)


On Events Commands

Another thing that someone might have spotted on the last screenshot is a category called "On Events".

These are not Cards, but behave like them when a Pack is purchased or gifted, for example. (Only available for Loot's Tools Plus' Users)
More Events will be added in the future if seen as cool or useful.


As always, if you want to report an issue, give some ideas or get some help, open a new issue here on Github or hit me up on Discord (Darye.#1315) or the Discord Server (DaryeHub).

Until next time!
- Darye.
LootsTrading was disabled on the last update, due to a UI not being available, but with v2.1, it had been done.

You can find the LootsTrading page on Loot's Tools UI (https://lootstools.darye.dev/).

Also, a proxy service for LootsTrading links had been made, so you can link to it and have some information about the Card/Collection/EXtension when linking it on Discord or any social media or messaging app. For example, https://lootstrading.darye.dev/card/60de072cb016cc0034796a17, that in Discord would appear like this:

Along with this, bugs had been fixed, exterminated, and absolutely annihilated.

Dev Note: This build is quite bulky in comparison with other builds, this is because of the approach we took on making LootsTrading "independent" LootsTrading from the LootsTools process. When we get to a newer and lighter solution, we will update the binary.

To discuss other solutions to overcome this, or to let me know about new bugs, feel free to contact me on Discord (Darye.#1315) or on the Discord Server (DaryeHub).
✨v2 is out!✨

With this release, Loot's Tools' use workflow eases out, now being able to open Loot's Tools from the browser or the App.

The biggest change on this update is Loot's Tools UI, a better way of using Loot's Tools, and a way to enhance Loot's Tools' usability and ease of use.

(Check out the new Docs and the Getting Started page to better understand these new changes.)

Changes with the update:

  • Loot's Tools UI
  • New Docs Page ( Check it out here! )
  • System Integration:
    • System Tray Icon for having Loot's Tools run in the background.
    • System Notifications, available also to EXtension's developers, to notify the user of various Events on Loot's Tools.
  • Login:
    • New Browser Extension for Chromium and Firefox-based browsers (Links here).
    • Disabled the old way of Login in favor of the Browser Extension Method.
    • Enabled Link-Login Method.
  • Events:
    • Gift and Purchase Events detection and notifying.
    • Improved the auto-update system.
  • Disabled LootsTrading and LaTEX until next release (UI on progress).
  • Localization done
  • Bugs Fixed overall.

(Maybe there are some bugs yet to be fixed, open a new issue on Github (Issues Page) or hit me up on Discord (@Darye.#1315) or on the Discord Server (DaryeHub).)
Here it is! The Auto-Update feature was needed, and here it is!
With it, some things were changed:
  • Auto-update feature is now available.
  • Bugs on the Upgrade and Login processes were fixed.
  • Now gifting Packs of different Collections than the default one works.
  • LootsTrading and LaTEX were optimized.
  • A Sync version of lib.streamloots was made.
  • The "data" dictionary of the redeemed Cards is now bigger, docs soon. (More Tags on the way!)
  • A manual way of login is now available, docs soon.
(Thanks to @TechJunkyBen for helping me find new bugs!)