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Logitech LCD Plugin 1.0.0

This update adds in the ability to mute the microphone and desktop sound. The monochrome button prompts are also back now all the buttons work as prompted.
Plugin now queries the scene and waits until it gets a reply before launching properly instead of sleeping for 5 seconds and assuming everything then exists. It should mean that OBS should no longer crash on load.

Also added a loading screen while the plugin waits to start.
Attempt to fix "it doesn't work" problems by adding the Logitech supplied .dlls to the download.
With the new front end API, I've added back the ability to start/stop the stream and ONLY the stream (NOT a recording) by pressing the left most button on a monochrome LCD or the 'OK' button on a colour LCD.

Also, hopefully fixed the Studio Mode crash.

I'm sure the ability to mute the desktop/mic is possible through the API but I still can't figure it out.
Extended the delay before the LDS starts in an attempt to stop launch crashes.
Thanks to Warmuptill, the plugin will now display the name of the current scene.

Also added support for custom FFmpeg outputs. So the plugin now will know if you are recording with a custom FFmpeg output.
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Fixed a typo that stopped the Colour LCD initialising (changed || to | yeah, it was that dum)