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Logitech LCD Plugin

I just got done setting up my G13 as a stream deck controller, after it's been sitting getting dust for years. I'm really upping my game production wise with my stream, and this will allow me to quickly do replays, switch scenes, etc...

When I saw that you had built a G13 for OBS Classic, I was like crap, I use OBS Studio, and no way am I going back to Classic now. And then I found out you did this for OBS Studio as well! Just placed the DLL in the folder, and wow, I love the fact that I can quickly get stream info on my G13 now. The reason is I stream mainly Xbox that streams to my PC and then through OBS, so I don't have a monitor right in front of me. This will allow me to much more easily see how my stream is doing.

I even noticed your comments on the font, and you were correct, I installed the .ttf font and it instantly corrected the display on my G13.

I was looking for something that would make a good use of my G13 display while I'm streaming and found this. Pretty awesome man! 5★

HINT: Scene switcher would be GLORIOUS!
Thanks man! This plugin works great on my G15! 5 Stars for your great work!
Tnx you! Great on my G19!
This plugin works great on my Logitech G19!
Works a treat on my G15. Job well done !!