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Logitech LCD Plugin

Not really an update to the plugin per se, more an FYI for people with issues.

Some users may find/have found that the Monochrome (G15/G13/G510) display may not show correctly on Windows 10 systems. This is the result of the font used by the Logitech SDK, MS Mincho Regular, not always being installed with Windows 10. I leave it as a task for the user to find a download for this font (google MS Mincho Regular) to avoid legal issues.
I finally got around to fixing the recording not stopping for non-English OBS localisation. The text on the plugin itself is still English only (sorry). Recording should now work for any language OBS natively supports and it should automatically support any further languages that are added.

There is also some minor streamlining and code clean up kindly provided by BobDawg.

The downloads have been updated.
BobDawg on Github kindly created and added some button hints for the mono LCD. This update adds those. It also addresses a bug with the start/stop key not stopping the Preview and removes some debug code that I left in last time.

The Non-English Stop Recording bug fix is comming soon, I promise.

Downloads are updated.
Found the cause for the plugin not causing the stream to stop if OBS is only recording. The fix I came up with unfortunately relies on OBS using the English localisation (it looks for buttons in OBS based on the displayed text) so the issue will still persist for non-English language users. I'll keep looking for a universal solution but I have no experience with localisation so it may be a while.