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Free Linux Distro featuring OBS & Nginx-RTMP 1.2.4

Just some minor updates with nginx still installed. Plan on making some major updates (hopefully to 2.0). Updated OBS and lib files.
Broadcast-OS 1.2.3
  • Baselined nginx.conf file so it's easier to know where to place rtmp directive
  • Added emulators of various types
Note: I am still waiting on the OBS 0.12.4 commit so there should be a subsequent update afterwards when that happens. I am also looking to get a repo setup so this distro can keep rolling and I want to fork it from ubuntu. When I start getting reviews from this I will being work on the rpm based version of my distro.
Minor changes

  • Removed XFCE
  • Changed Icon theme (To clean up appearance)
  • Latest update to Ubuntu Base
I forgot to add instructions:

When you boot the live CD, you must login to the Guest Session and go into the menu to install. I am working on getting that fixed hopefully in a later update that will be fixed!

If you have any suggestions as to what I should add or take away from this please let me know here or via PM.
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