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InfoWriter v2.3

Nice little tool to keep track of events during recording making editing afterwards so much easier. Thank you!
Great, I just realized you can get a new text document each time you start a recording..

Very nice!
Just what i needed. Simple and basic.
it can be improved. Looking forward to it
Really useful and works well -- thank you for sharing this!
I made an account just to give props to this idea. It seems like a simple solution but I appreciate it a lot, since I was individually writing out each timestamp in a text file before this, and I was wondering if there was an easier way. Thank you!

I'd also like to mention to new downloaders to make sure the files are going in the right place. For me, it was C:\Program Files\obs-studio\obs-plugins, so make sure you're not having to create an obs-plugins folder when you install. Also, you'll see the infowriter source in the list of new sources, below Window Capture. I hope this helps because the installation instructions were a little vague for a first-timer like me.
awesome, thanks for that port!!!!
Truly helpful, thank you so much.
Using for Usability Testing. The new hotkeys are perfect for what I need! Thanks.
VERY GOOD.... Is there a way to add some visual indicator that you have that you have pressed the time stamp hotkey?

Thank you
This is exactly what I needed. Thank you! Saves my editor and myself a lot of time making highlight videos from live streams.
Great tool for replays, time codes etc.
More pleasure words in this video:

My mark: 5\5.
Love it. Simple and eazy.
The Formating of the .txt file could use some work. Such as an rubric on the format like in OBSs's recording popup that tells you how to format the video. Beside that the plug does exactly what it needs to do.
I press NUM0 (personal map) and it puts a time stam in the txt file.
Extreamly usefull if you need to make highlights and don't want to search threw 3 hrs of record for that one spot you don't want to loose.
Nice plugin. It could be even beter if there was 2 text fields beside Hotkey 1 text. Textbox 1 = Time In and textbox 2 Time Out

Hotkey 1 text = Goal
Time In 15
Time Out 5

On goal in 00:10:00 pressing hotkey 1

Log text:
0:10:00;0:09:45;0:10:05 - Goal

Incident time;Start clip;End clip - ……...

Then i will make some software to read this log file and clp automatically

Regards - Jesper - Denmark
Works well. Thanks a lot for this
Interesting idea but I think this plugin is responsible for some stutterings in my PC while gaming and streaming or recording with OBS. I'm doing further tests a will post bakc results