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InfoWriter v2.3

I have created new builds for all platforms (using the obs-plugintemplate project on github) for OBS 28.1 -

Note for Windows: Windows blocks the installer because it thinks it contains a virus. This seems to be a false positive, but you can always try the zip instead.

For Mac: There's an installer, but it won't actually work (at least not for me) until you copy
/Library/Application Support/obs-studio/plugins/OBSInfoWriter.plugin
to the package contents of OBS

For Linux: If you have Ubuntu, the plugin only works from Ubuntu 22.04, unfortunately.
Extra options to switch things on/off for the Default output format

More details at:
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Releasenotes are here:

  • Takes Pauses into account while recording
  • Support for EDL and CSV output format

Thanks to various people suggesting new features and special thanks to TheTawnyFool for contributing code.
A generous developer (RetroGamer74 on Github) has added more hotkeys to the settings, I have built binaries for all three platforms.
Minor fixes:
  • Linefeed characters in logfiles on OSX were incorrect
Hello everyone, I've rebuilt v1 for OSX

You can download it here:

To install:
- Right-click on OBS in Applications and choose "Show package contents"
- Go to the plugins folder
- Paste in the .so file
Added in this release are:

  • Scene changes now mention the new scene name
  • 4 extra hotkeys are added, the descriptions are customizable from the source options
  • Included a 32 bit version

Example of new textfile output:
START RECORDING @ 2017-01-02 15:37:05
0:00:05 - Scene changed to Scene 2
0:00:08 - Scene changed to Scene 3
0:00:11 - Hotkey 3 was pressed
0:00:12 - Hotkey 2 was pressed
0:00:14 - Hotkey 4 was pressed
0:00:20 - Scene changed to Scene 2
STOP RECORDING @ 2017-01-02 15:37:27
DLL provided is x64 only and requires OBS-Studio v0.16.1 or later.

New features:
  • Automatically start and stop logging when Start/stop stream/recording is initiated from OBS-Studio
  • Removed Stop hotkey, it is no longer needed
  • Logs an extra timestamp message when the current Scene has changed
Example output:
START RECORDING @ 2016-09-29 19:58:36
0:00:11 - Scene changed
0:00:42 - Scene changed
STOP RECORDING @ 2016-09-29 19:59:50
Added a hotkey to stop the timer.

ps. Reminder that this is x64 only.
This is the latest 64 bit build.

Changed since previous version:
* Fixed: bug in time stamp.
* Fixed: setting for file now uses the new save dialog thus no longer requiring a dummy file to exist.