How to stream to YouTube with OBS Studio

How to stream to YouTube with OBS Studio

Added a draft for the YouTube integration in OBS Studio.

Please note that this guide is still missing images and also explanations for account verification ect.

It might take some time until I can finish this up so I decided to post what I have for now.

Hope this helps.
YouTube did shuffle things a bit around once again.
The Guide should be updated for that now.
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I gave the guide an update for the new “Live Control Room” and also show how you can reach the legacy streaming options like Stream Now Classic and Events.
  • "Stream now" is no longer a Beta
  • Unlisted and private streams are now also possible with "Stream now"
Screenshots are back.
Some rewording for changes on YouTube's side.
YouTube streams can now also be watched in Germany.

Happy watching :)
Updated the text a bit about YouTube Gaming and how it lists live streams.
Unfortunately this is pure speculation (aka my opinion) and not validated facts.

But from what I personally experienced it makes sense.
Just added some informations about YouTube Gaming.

Basically just YouTube Live streaming with Fancy (ugly as hell) website and app.
So it still sucks (not everyone can watch it + ContentID can ruin your day/month).
This guide now also explains how the new YouTube Stream now BETA works.
Normally YouTube live streaming does have a delay of 30 seconds or even higher. I added an explanation how to lower this delay significantly.