How to stream to YouTube with OBS Studio

OBS Studio How to stream to YouTube with OBS Studio

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Streaming to YouTube with OBS or OBS MP - Guide explaining how to setup OBS for YouTube live streaming

Notice: This guide explains the "old" YouTube Live. I don't have access to the new and simpler version of live streaming yet.

  • Google Account with YouTube Channel
  • Might be necessary that your account is in good standing
This guide assumes that you just created a YouTube channel. In the case that you have live streaming already enabled you can skip the respective parts of this guide.

Step 1 Enabling live streaming.

Open up...

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are people allowed to stream music and games on youtube without getting into trouble
You are allowed to but YouTube will detect audio and video and copyright flag it. Some games will get flagged immediatly by the auto detection system other companies (mostly indies) encourage players to upload as much gameplay as they want and don't submit anything to the detection system.
Konami for example flagged one of my metal gear streams.

Gol D. Ace

It works like this now with YouTube live streaming @bobby54

If YouTube's ContentID System detects something (Video and/or Audio) you will get a warning in the Live Control Room saying that your stream might be temporarily blocked or shut down.

If you don't stop streaming that material YouTube will insert a YouTube logo which basically blocks your stream till you stop or they will shut it down immediately.

After your stream is finished YouTube will scan the recorded video. If anything in that video got blocked worldwide by the content owner you will get a "strike".

If you get another one in the next 30 days you will get blocked for some YouTube features (including live streaming)I until the strikes expire.



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Having trouble getting to go live on YouTube with OBS. I've entered the URL and stream Key.
YouTube still says I'm offline even though OBS is transmitting data.


Gol D. Ace

Some other people in Chat have/had the same issue.
Seems like something is broken on YouTubes end right now.

You can try resetting the stream key.

For that click the Reveal button where it says Encoder Settings and then click the Reset Key.
Copy the new Key into OBS.

Also note that It can take a while till you stream goes live (not longer than 1 Minute).

If it's still not working just wait a bit.
People are most likely flooding the ingest servers right now ;)


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I really need some help I have an ElgatoHD60 using it from XBOX one but no matter what settings I chose even at 720p 1280x720 the images look washed out. I got a damn i72600 16gb ram nvidia 970 and 150/150 Fios connection. I shouldnt be having this much trouble...

Is the elgato just that crappy? I just want a clean smooth 720p image from xbox one / ps4 but I cant get it!!!


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So far the testing that I have done on youtube streaming looks great and the frame rates look amazing, but the issues I have with OBS legacy and OBS MP is that they both get dropped frames to youtubes main ingest server. No matter if its 2000 Kb/s or 5000 kb/s.. I also have a upload speeds of 15 - 20 mbits/s.

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Urgh.... I will see if I still have them around and If so I will fix the guide.

EDIT: Nope... They're gone for good.
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It was helpful for me in part: Old YouTube Live streaming (Event based)/Instructions for the new OBS Studio / MP (for example 0.11.1). Nice basic. Pics are important.


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I successfully started streaming onto YouTube live, but when I did I could not understand how to stream my computer screen. I was wondering if you had an explanation.