How to set up your own private RTMP server using nginx

How to set up your own private RTMP server using nginx

Thanks for the guide!

Here's my problem: I need to stream sports events to youtube, the camera we're using outputs to hdmi, we use an elgato usb capture device to encode the video feed and outputs it via usb to a computer. Than we grab that encoded feed with OBS and stream it to youtube. Except that the camera needs to be close to the computer (due to hdmi cable length limitations) and we'd like to put the camera farther away from the computer...

Using a raspberry and a usb capture device, would it be possible to stream to the computer over wifi or ethernet?

Something like this:
camera > usb capture card > raspberry > network > computer > youtube
Great review! I have wanted to try this for ages :D
It worked thanks
only issue is facebook live with RTMPS
I was able to loosely follow these instructions and set up a working RTMP server on CentOS 6. Excellent guide!
THis is fantastic. Thank you very much for the post. Quick question do you know if there is a way to buffer the frames for the stream? Say if you have slow internet the frames get uploaded. Yeah i understand there would be a bigger delay but is this possiable?
If someone is using Mac this will change your life.
When i start the nginx via cmd nothing hapends and when i type my ip adress in my broswer to test the server the page doesn't load....
i already create my own server in a raspberry pi 3 b+ but how can i access to the rtmp server from another network?

with the internal IP address works great but i want to stream from another network with the public IP address..

thanks a lot.
Super easy to follow, got me out of a hole. Thanks so much.
I am incredibly thankful for this guide!! There are a few things missing for newer users though. I had never used Ubuntu before so I had to learn a lot to get this to work.

1.) When I first installed NGINX, I didn't have a user created (didn't know I needed one) which caused problems because the installs default location is inside a user folder.

2.) When he says to "edit the config file" I had absolutely no clue how to even begin doing that from a command line. But I learned that I needed to use the "vi" editor, and was able to find some other tutorials online about it.

Again, incredibly thankful for this guide, but it seems aimed at users who are already familiar with Ubuntu. But there are many novice users who could use this functionality who would benefit from a more comprehensive tutorial.
This was really simple to set up. Although, having issues with timing and keyframe intervals. Twitch and Youtube keep complaining odd timing.
Thank you very much for the excellent guide. I have used it for month withour any problems on a vps to simultanously stream to facebook and YouTube. Now facebook is changing to only accept SSL-connections via RTMPS on Port 443. If I edit nginx.conf by adding "push rtmps://" I cannot start the server. Can anybody help me????
This was great, it works like a charm!
I set this up on my Odroid HC2. Because I have OMV running and access it with port 80, I had to change the default listen port from port 80 to something else. I can still use my Odroid's internet IP address in the rtmp link in OBS to successfully stream. So, like, rtmp:// I have a dynamic dns setup to access the Odroid HC2 server, but when I go use rtmp:// in OBS, it does not work. What do I need to do (port forwarding, whatever) to stream remotely?
For using this with SSL, I wrote instructions on how to use Nginx for Facebook
This indeed worked. One question: do I have to go through this every time I want to stream?
This got me set up easily way back!! It mad my stream quality amazing. I am having trouble now I have upgraded to windows 10. I cant seem to push to the server any more. I get a "Could not access the specified channel or stream key, please double check your stream key. If it is correct, there may be a problem contacting the server" error. I know my IP/Port are correct as if I try any other port through OBS I get an instant failure to connect. Using the ip and set port in my config file is the only connection attempt that returns that error. Any suggestions? I'm pulling my hair out.
I have the same issue as
"BreakTV 5.00 star(s) Jan 25, 2018
When i start the nginx via cmd nothing hapends and when i type my ip adress in my broswer to test the server the page doesn't load...."

Now when i run nginx without adding rtmp code at the bottom of the conf file, nginx runs and can be found on web browser - localhost.

Only after i edit the conf file and add the rtmp code, nginx does not run anymore and server cannot be found as localhost in web browser.
what am i doing wrong pls?