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How to: Fix "Max audio buffering" with Media Source when audio is not necessary

This guide applies to Windows, Linux and MacOS. If you have a Media source that's causing the "max audio buffering" issue but you don't need its audio, this guide will help you fix that.

First, grab MKVToolNix GUI from Install it or extract the portable version, and run it.


Drop your problematic video file into the Source files field (marked pink).
You'll see all the video, audio, subtitle and other streams available in your file. Untick all the unwanted audio streams from the "Tracks, chapters and tags" field, like so:

Press "Start multiplexing". Confirm that you really do want to create a file without audio track.

Remuxing should be very fast, almost as fast as copying a file. The resulting .mkv file can now be used instead of your original file, and won't cause any audio buffering.

If you need to remux multiple media files in this fashion, you can drop multiple files and choose "Create new multiplex settings for each file". Or use a command-line tool like FFmpeg if you need to process hundreds of files.