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OBS Python Simple increment/decrement counter with hotkeys 2022-04-28

A slightly modified version of (MIT license) with step-by-step usage instructions.

How to set up:
1. If you've already set up Python 3.6 to use Python scripts with OBS Studio, skip steps 2 and 4, but do step 3.
2. Download and install Python 3.6 from (scroll down to Files and choose the one appropriate for your system)
3. Create a text source (GDI+, Freetype2 or Pango) you intend to use as the counter. I'm going to call it "counter".

4. In Tools > Scripts, switch to the Python Settings tab and point it to the folder where Python 3.6 is installed.

5. In Tools > Scripts, on the Scripts tab, press + and add the file.
6. On the same page, select the [1] Text source field and either type or paste (Ctrl+V) the name of the source, in my case "counter".

7. In Settings>Hotkeys, scroll down until you see hotkeys that start with "Counter script:" and assign hotkeys to increment, decrement and reset the counter.

8. Press OK and test the hotkeys.

Note that on Windows 8 and newer, hotkeys will not work if OBS Studio is not running "as administrator" but you're in an application that's running "as administrator".

Latest reviews

does the supposed job.
but you cant change the counter to a specific number, it will start from counting one and it doesn't save the last number when you restart obs. It starts from 0 again.