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OBS Python Simple increment/decrement counter with hotkeys 2022-04-28

A slightly modified version of (MIT license) with step-by-step usage instructions.

How to set up:
1. If you've already set up Python 3.6 to use Python scripts with OBS Studio, skip steps 2 and 4, but do step 3.
2. Download and install Python 3.6 from (scroll down to Files and choose the one appropriate for your system)
3. Create a text source (GDI+, Freetype2 or Pango) you intend to use as the counter. I'm going to call it "counter".

4. In Tools > Scripts, switch to the Python Settings tab and point it to the folder where Python 3.6 is installed.

5. In Tools > Scripts, on the Scripts tab, press + and add the file.
6. On the same page, select the [1] Text source field and either type or paste (Ctrl+V) the name of the source, in my case "counter".

7. In Settings>Hotkeys, scroll down until you see hotkeys that start with "Counter script:" and assign hotkeys to increment, decrement and reset the counter.

8. Press OK and test the hotkeys.

Note that on Windows 8 and newer, hotkeys will not work if OBS Studio is not running "as administrator" but you're in an application that's running "as administrator".