Frezzi - Tool Program [Development Abandoned]

Free Frezzi - Tool Program [Development Abandoned] 1.9

Let me just start by saying that this has been fun, and I hope to continue to play with this program! Now, the actual update!

V1.9 has been released! This update includes alot of cool user requested items!

Changelog for V1.9:
•Slightly changed GUI in Statistics tab. (Moved a few things around)
•Added Random Viewer Selector (Giveaways)
•Added option to use Session Followers instead of Total Followers In Goal.
•Updated Frezzi Logo
•Slight Optimization
•Frezzi now minimizes to System Tray instead of Task Bar.
•Fixed Bug involving Viewer List related Error when no viewers are watching/channel is not streaming
•Fixed small error with Button in Statistics Tab
•Implemented Viewer Requested Feature: Followers This Session
•Added a changeable Goal Reached Text.
•Added the Game the Streamer is playing