FREE OBS Time Tools

Free FREE OBS Time Tools v0.0.3


Various timers that can be used in OBS Studio​

  • Customizable countdown timer(set your time, colors, fonts, effects to match your overlay)
  • Online Stopwatch where you can save laps(hotkeys enabled)
  • Round timer for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing, CrossFit, and HIIT(warning sounds enabled)
  • Holiday themed countdowns for all major global holidays
  • Country events countdown timer countdown to the celebration of the most important event in a nation's history
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Latest updates

  1. Introducing timestamp tools for developers

    Introduced unix time converter for developers, transform human readabla date into the timestamp...
  2. Fixed timezone selection

    Timezone selection now works through browser interaction and works as supposed
  3. Updated platform description

    Various timers that can be used in OBS Studio Customizable countdown timer(set your time...

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I am a old retired computer guy that plays in a lot of pickleball tournaments. One of the tournaments asked to find a way to live stream pickleball with name and score. Update score from tablet. I see there is a lot of scoreboard overlays for OBS. That is what I want to do. Don’t mind paying for low cost purchase or consulting . Just want simple, Reliable and easy to train user. Mostly double play, but there are singles. Much like Ping Pong. I am planning on doing this for multiple tournaments and sporting events like HS FOOTBALL. Could you be of service for me. I am spending way to much time on the scoreboard part of this task. I am under a time problem. My first tournament is in October. I need some tech support to make this thing fly and find someone that will help do initial tournament with me.. I want to distribute your software and tech support to my customers. I need to know licensing on purchasing info. What kind of code is used and can I modify easily. I’m not great at coding , but do a little Arduino C++, python, html. I am working on proceeding from here to form a business out of producing Video Streaming for Pickleball tournaments and other sporting events. I need a partner for the scoreboard part of this endeavor. Please let me know you like to part of this and what youn would expect.