Free browser source Countdown / Count Up Timer for OBS Studio

Free Free browser source Countdown / Count Up Timer for OBS Studio v0.0.3

- I'm actively updating the style based on feedback to make this countdown as user friendly as possible
Removed the annoying ads from within the configurator layout to make it more visual friendly for the user
- As suggested I have implemented an option to allow users to set a backgound color directly in configurator
Fixed an issue that was causing the countup to not start from where you set it up to start
You can set now a starting / ending time for your polls
Updated countdown animations for a smooth transition


Are you looking to add a touch of inspiration to your OBS livestreams or presentations? Look no further than OBS Countdown - Random Quote. This simple yet powerful tool allows you to display random quotes on your livestream overlay, adding a motivational or thought-provoking element to your content.
- The entire countdown system was changed for better results

Introducing the cutting-edge Live Weather Forecast Application, your go-to solution for seamlessly integrating real-time weather updates into your OBS Studio streaming setup. Whether you're a content creator, streamer, or broadcaster, this application empowers you to captivate your audience with up-to-the-minute weather information. With its user-friendly interface and dynamic features, it generates HTML code that can be effortlessly used as a browser source in OBS Studio. Say goodbye to static weather graphics and hello to a dynamic, immersive viewing experience that keeps your audience engaged and informed.

- Created a fresh UI for the streaming polls feature