Free browser source Countdown / Count Up Timer for OBS Studio

Free Free browser source Countdown / Count Up Timer for OBS Studio v0.0.3

The service is back up except the weather forecast plugin. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.
You can now count up from a date, ensuring your count-up timer does not break when you accidentally close the source or encounter a connection issue during your livestream. To enable this option, please leave the hours/minutes/seconds fields empty (0), otherwise, you can simply set the starting point for your timer using those specific fields.


Removed the over excessive auto ads generated by google
- Fixed some layout issues that were giving users some hard times finding the font settings
EMBED URL has been changed, request parameter and the whole structure was changed that means most of the countdowns will redirect to a 404 page to those who configured their countdown, the old structure is still available by changing the c? to custom-countdown? in the URL

A better UI is also available @
- Starting from today, all poll links from will be discontinued and will redirect the the new platform
- Fixed the overlay issue caused by a wrong css version
- Due to high traffic on the poll feature I had to move the whole system on a new domain to allow optimum efficiency to the other widgets
- I'm actively updating the style based on feedback to make this countdown as user friendly as possible
Removed the annoying ads from within the configurator layout to make it more visual friendly for the user