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Flexyscore added a specific scoreboard for Boxing
(Fighters, selectable colors of fighters, round, Timer, match counter)

Flexyscore expands with a new category of sport. We are happy to announce the Boxing Scoreboard.
These days Flexyscore made its debut in the new Boxing Scoreboard. After so many team sports, combat sports also become part of the Flexyscore family.

Boxing, Kick Boxing, MMA, Savate, Muay, Sanda and many other fighting disciplines now have a dedicated and easy to use score bug. With Flexyscore you can manage fighter names, colors, timers and rounds.

Together with the new scoreboard Flexyscore provides the first custom template, as always free for everyone.


Learn how to use it on the Blog

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Flexyscore added a specific scoreboard for Handball
(Points, Timer, game fractions and Timer)

New resources into the Blog: (follow blog.flexyscore.net)
Free Esperia's Volleyball scoreboard template
Free Cremona's style Basketball scoreboard Template
Free Tony Fant's template collection for Basketball, American Football and Baseball scoreboards
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Flexyscore version 2.0 has been released since January 25th. Mk2 is a massive and important release. We had improved many aspects of Flexyscore and added American Football and Baseball scoreboards.

  • SERVER: Flexyscore has a new "home" so now runs on new server.
  • SECURITY: All service is under SSL certificate
  • CONTROLLERS: We have improved the controllers' interface. More responsive and more compact on smartphones and portable devices, all or almost controllers can be viewed on a single screen view.
  • TIMER module improved: (Basketball, Football, Soccer) Many had problems to manage timer functions, Now we have inserted a new controller that sync minutes/seconds when stop button is pressed, so the clock stops and restarts more precisely.
  • LANGUAGES: Flexyscore now supports many languages and idioms. Cyrillic, Arabic, Baltic, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Icelandic, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Maltese, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, European and all others languages supported from Utf8 charset

  • FOOTBALL Similar to Soccer or Rugby scoreboard but with specific characteristics: Points, Fractions (and overtimes), Timer, Attempts, Yards, Timeouts and Flag.
  • Football scoreboard preview
  • BASEBALL Really new scoreboard who contains: Points, Innings, Bases, Out, Balls and Strikes.

  • BASKETBALL Improved Timer capabilities, added fouls and timeouts counts, bonus signal and overtime mode. Existing functions: Points, Timer, Fractions.
  • VOLLEYBALL & TABLE TENNIS Added ball-change function. Existing functions: Points, Set. (thanks John for patience)
  • TENNIS Now scoreboard adds the result of every set sequentially. Existing functions: Points, Games, Set (in the previous version only cumulative), ball changing and overtime mode.
  • ALL OTHER SCOREBOARDS Improved controller UI, reviewed graphics.

We apologize to all users, for two years we have provided the service for free, but the work done on this release, the higher maintenance costs and future implementations have imposed a financial contribution.

The annual plan costs € 20.00

You can try Flexyscore for free for 7 days, registration is free and does not require credit cards.