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Free FightHUD Scoreboard 1.01


We've released a new version 1.01, which brings two additional fields for commentators and fixes a major bug.

Detailed changes:
- Added fields for "Left Commentator" and "Right Commentator". The commentators' names can also be selected in the drop-down menu from the participants list or can be entered manually.
- Fixed bug when the application had to be restarted before new settings came into effect.
- "Switch players" button now also switches flags.
- In the "Settings" tab, fields are now separated in 5 categories: Players Information, Match Info, Flags, Commentators and Challonge.
- Added option to Hide/Show Challonge API.
- Logs are now saved in FightHUD.log file. The file is saved in the same location as the configuration file in Users/Current User/Documents.


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