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FightHUD Scoreboard - Scoreboard manager with Challonge support

FightHUD is a scoreboard application with integrated support for Challonge brackets. It facilitates scoreboard management in fighting or other 1 on 1 games for online streaming or recording


With the support of Challonge online brackets, FightHUD enables you to download participants from ongoing or past Challonge tournaments for easier scoreboard management.

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Hello and greetings from Slovenian FGC,

First of all, thanks to all who have downloaded and tried out our app. We are a small FGC and we use that app for our current tournaments. These are usually small ones, with 32 or less participants. We are however certain, that it will be useful in bigger tournaments as well and we will continue our work to improve it.

Even with the release version 1.00, there is one major bug:
- When saving new settings (challonge username, pass, text and image file names), a program must be restarted for new settings to be used.

We will release a new version 1.1 soon, which will hopefully resolve the bug and add the following:
- Commentary field for up to two commentators.

According to our experience, adding a camera for commentators is getting quite common even for smaller tournaments. The commentators' names will also be available in the drop-down menu from the participants database or could be entered manually.

Lastly, we would like to invite everyone to post your comments, wishes and critiques. We will welcome your input for our future releases. This app will always be completely free of charge, but as a small FGC we will be glad for any donations on our main website.

Kind regards,

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Fixed a major bug and added fields for commentary names


We've released a new version 1.01, which brings two additional fields for commentators and fixes a major bug.

Detailed changes:
- Added fields for "Left Commentator" and "Right Commentator". The commentators' names can also be selected in the drop-down menu from the participants list or can be entered manually.
- Fixed bug when the application had to be restarted before new settings came into effect.
- "Switch players" button now also switches flags.
- In the "Settings" tab,...

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Jan Abellera

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This is great! A couple of friends and I had our first tournament streamed a few days ago, and we struggled updating the information on the screen. Afterwards, I thought about making my own program to update text files, but this is perfect for our setup! We also used Challonge so this is even better. Thank you and keep up the great work!