Face Tracker

Face Tracker 0.7.1

Love it, i am on obs 29. but i cant use it as to do videos sadly as audio cuts out and is badly out of sync system is a AMD 3600 with 32gig ram and gtx1080. tried everything but running this is has massive audio issues. hope there fixed in the next version.

keep up the great work
Super cool! Wanders a little much.

Sometimes gets up close in your face spontaneously.

However, for a method of realigning your camera and pausing it it is incredible!

Hope the Wandering gets fixed. then it will be near perfect functionality
This is a great start, but a bit unstable and unpredictable.
It is better than the Nvidia thingy!

>are you able to add option to track not a face, but specific colour?
>For example a surfer's colour shirt? or RC car colour?

I think what would be very cool would be to get a general object classification system into obs.

So anything in the feed would be tagged in a way that other plugins could use.

Object 111, Person A, T-Shirt, Bounding Box 123,123,255,255,...
Object 222, Person B, Head, Bounding Box 123,123,255,255,...

Person A's head -> Plugin B could use it to attach a text object showing brand of t-shirt

Person B's head -> Plugin C could use it to "fuzz it out" for anonymization

etc. etc.

I think demand for something like a Nvidia GPU is totally acceptable for something like this as well. Don't need to be CPU only.

I am not in this business for commercial reason, but just from personal interest, I would be happy to sponsor work here with some small amount of money. Anyone else? Is there a way to sponsor OBS plugins?
are you able to add option to track not a face, but specific colour?
For example a surfer's colour shirt? or RC car colour?
Just a simple colour picker (with some margin) instead of Landmark detection data
Good options are offered and personalization are given while leaving the whole customization accessible and user friendly.

Would include more landmark detection data/model
Works just as advertised!
Excellent plugin! wanted to ask if there's a way to update this with the ability to add a source that could "follow" your head.
For example, a hat that will always be in top of your head
I love this plugin specially with the integrated PTZ control.... Probably another good feature that can be added to this is the ability to switch to another scene when a detected face reach a certain region in the frame.
Excellent work to date, this is a critical part to having an automated camera person for Houses of Worship and other venues.
This plugin has much potential. It feels a bit like the new feature introduced by Apple on the M1 ipads called "center stage".

It does seem to slowdown my laptop, but the developer does mention the (potential) high load on CPU and memory so I guess it is fair.

I am grateful for the developers work and I hope he (and with help from the community) makes this plugin even better! It would be amazing if it could consume less resources in the future.