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Free EYE - Control OBS with any Game 1.3

The new version is less confusing. I removed the save and load button, since you need a separate folder for each game anyway, so there is no need for this function. All Tooltips are way more informative and pop up quicker now. Overall, the program provides you more information, on what to do, when you make a mistake. It is way easier to Set up, since it does not check for a serial Number and active game Window. So a dual PC Setup should be easier to accomplish. And the recognition algorithm is written from scratch. It is now like 5% faster.


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Patch Notes: v.1.2 (No more false triggers)
- implemented a slider for each tab that lets you set the recognition sensitivity. If no valid match is found, it writes "None" into the Trigger file, so you could use that as default, for when no effect should be triggered.
  • implemented a slider to set cycle delay
  • integrated Tooltips
  • changed the behavior for opening the corresponding categories folder from double-clicking to right-clicking
  • changed the behavior for opening the screenshots folder from double-clicking to right-clicking
  • middle-clicking on the ROI entry field you see the coordinates of the mouse, and they get logged, so you can more easy get the correct coordinates.
  • added a right click to the screenshot button, that sets an 8 seconds delay, before taking the screenshot. That is handy if you need to hold down a button in the game to open a window you want to track.