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Free Dynamic Text scroller 0.3

Program to load text from a text file and scroll the text across the screen from right to left.

The program checks every 3 seconds to see if the text file has changed and reloads it if needed.

You can have two different animations to indicate the text has changed. **update 05-2019** You can now have 99 different animations.

I use it to display a ticker tape scrolling across the big screen tv at a football (soccer) match. It shows the league scores from games being played around the UK. When the text file changes (a team has scored) a graphic is displayed with "Goal alert" zooming into the screen and holds for a few seconds then repeats a total of three times.

The alert graphics can be changed every time the text changes. The text file can be specified. The typeface can be specified. The font size can be changed. the scrolling speed can be changed.

I'm open to modifying it if you have a good idea that would benefit the masses.

The following keys can be used:-

Up arrow - increase font size
down arrow - decrease font size
left arrow - increase scroll speed
right arrow - decrease scroll speed
d - toggle debug info on / off
r - reload saved settings
s - save current settings
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For what it does, it is absolutely good. But the addition that would make it excellent is to take and RSS feed and scroll the headlines in the feed.
Works very god, thank you
Thank you so much.