Durchblick v0.5.0

Added audio mixer widget
Fixed bug where an empty window would show up
Fixed bug where the dock window wouldn't save its visibility state
  • Updated to Qt6
  • Added a dock version of durchblick
  • The volume meter now looks more like the one in the mixer and can be moved via the mouse
  • Added quick actions to fill selected cells with scenes
  • Fixed layout not being saved/restored when switching scene collections
  • Fixed label size and alignment for source previews
  • Fixed window reshowing on restart if it was closed directly from fullscreen
  • Pressing Escape now closes the window
  • Added the option to exclude Durchblick from screen capture on windows
  • Maximized state should now be saved and restored correctly
  • Added option to keep Durchblick always on top
  • Added option to hide the cursor
  • Rightclicking now shows fullscreen/windowed and fit to content menus just like the multiview
  • Fullscreen state, visibility and window position are now saved and reloaded
  • Other plugins can now register their own widget types, see widget-test for an example
  • Scene widgets now use the border as the preview/program indicator by default like the multiview. The icon or no indicator can be configured when widget is created
  • Scene widgets are now the first in the combobox
  • (double) clicking to switch scene now adheres to the OBS setting
  • Source and scene list are now ordered alphabetically
  • Fixed config folder not being automatically created
  • Fixed green hovered outline not disappearing if the mouse leaves the window
Fixed crash when closing and reshowing Durchblick.