Durchblick v0.5.0

I hope it will be available on macOS!
Any plans to port to MacOS (m1/m2/ARM)?
Hello! Audio widget does not update when changing scenes. Some scenes have specific audio tracks and they are not displayed when selected. Another question: In native OBS configuration, with the option to lock the volume active, it doesn't work in the widget. And we accidentally ended up modifying the volume.
I like that the best durchblink scenes window. That awesome video and I try to download druchblink. Then (Run as administrator OBS) Ducks to open the durchblink window bug-in doesn't appear on my cursor. I decide to uncheck the box hide setting project restart. Again open durchblink didn't pop window was gone.
Reinstall again not working the pop anymore. I feel disappointed this is a bug (no cursor and no pop window a gone). I can't wait for the new version again download. :(
what the fuck did I just read
Really like it! I just wish I could deactivate the "click to change scenes" function :D I only want to use this for viewing purposes, as I control the scenes using Sammi / Stream Deck
It's an option in the obs settings which is used for the projectors, durchblick follows it.
very good plugin... but unfortunately i can't select cells, hoovering doesn't show the green border. i can't select multiple cells to obtain a bigger cell for preview or program. no way to reset the view. is there a configuration file to edit?
obs 29.0.2 on Ubuntu 22.04 xorg.
Try right clicking and then dragging your mouse
I have problems, the durchblick panel glitches and the durchblick panel no longer appears
Very good plugin, but unfortunately there is no MAC version
The plugin is fine, but some functions are not available, why?
What functions?
Great Plugin with a lot of potential!
Right now i have some problems with not working volume meters, when i figure out why i will update this post / report a bug.
Thanks for all the great work! :-)
Awesome Plugin, more flexible than the original Multiview! ;-)
But a few things would be nice in future releases:
- Save and restore a layout
- A lock function, so that with right click you can't edit something until you unlock it (in lock mode multiselect is off and only things like fullscreen is available)
the idea is good, but it is unusable in the current state
Would you care to elaborate?
Absolutely outstanding execution of a modular Multiview. I, and multitudes of others have requested and wished for this feature for years, and this plugin executes it in an absolutely elegant way I did not think of before. Thank you
Nice plugin! Could you add that the videos play when you double click on it? It would be very good, since there is no functionality that allows you to watch a video in the program and play it at the same time
You'll have give some more details, I don't know understand what you mean
It now has all the features I'd expect from a final Multiview Plugin. Doing any sort of production? You'll benefit from the improved flexiblity Durchblick brings.