Display Keystroke

Free Display Keystroke v1.06

I love it, and I love how i can customize it, if anyone is curious, i used pictures of my mouse and keyboard from the internet and used photoshop to make the keys look like they were being clicked
a great tool but it stops recording my input when i play a specific game, any idea what the problem is?
I made this account just to say thank you! It works great. As long as you're familiar with JSON, it's very customizable and I was able to make the keyboard look just the way I like it. Here is an example if anyone's curious: https://youtu.be/6RCXyh2aICY
Works nice
Its great to have but when i click in to a game it doesn't work, now im not good at programming so i have no clue what to do to get this to work, any help wld be great
Love it. Curious since I'm very weak with HTML. Is there a way to "illuminate" the background of the keyboard?
Hey man. Just signed up entirely to send you a thank you message. Was just about to whip up a C# app that did this exact thing and you saved me a load of time. Thanks a load! Works amazing.
very nice, thx