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Free DirectX Dependency Fixer (DXFix) 1.0

I've been irregularly searching for a D3D Compiler fix for what might be over a year now. I'm so relieved that the search is finally over and that I can play some games on Steam that I was eagerly awaiting.
I had trouble with Don't Starve aswell
When I launched it from steam nothing happened after configuration
So I've gone on the /bin folder and tried to execute it : Xinput_1.3.dll missing.. fine I've extracted it from DirectX and add it on SysWoW and Sys32 and then Don't starve launch but "initializating error" and I just found it this topic and it works !
Even if my dxdiag told me than all was fine before...a

Thank you
Fixed the "error during initialization" issue I was having with Don't Starve Together as suggested by the support thread.
Absolutely amazing fixed exactly what my problem was and was super easy to use.
Had the first two issues and this fixed it, thank you!!!
Had the first issue posted and this program fixes it! now i can record any game!
Had the first issue posted and this program worked like a charm!
Ran a dialogue box that said it did things but did not fix the problem.