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Free DirectX Dependency Fixer (DXFix) 1.0

Absolutely amazing fixed exactly what my problem was and was super easy to use.
Fixed the "error during initialization" issue I was having with Don't Starve Together as suggested by the support thread.
Had the first issue posted and this program worked like a charm!
I had trouble with Don't Starve aswell
When I launched it from steam nothing happened after configuration
So I've gone on the /bin folder and tried to execute it : Xinput_1.3.dll missing.. fine I've extracted it from DirectX and add it on SysWoW and Sys32 and then Don't starve launch but "initializating error" and I just found it this topic and it works !
Even if my dxdiag told me than all was fine before...a

Thank you
Had the first issue posted and this program fixes it! now i can record any game!
I've been irregularly searching for a D3D Compiler fix for what might be over a year now. I'm so relieved that the search is finally over and that I can play some games on Steam that I was eagerly awaiting.
Had the first two issues and this fixed it, thank you!!!
Ran a dialogue box that said it did things but did not fix the problem.