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Hello guys! I saw that a lot of users are looking for good "countdown program" so i decided to create a nice and simple program that lets u set the time u want and text that is displayed after countdown ended

Timer and last used settings files are saved in "Timer.txt" and "Timer.cfg" which are created next to this program so i suggest to put this file in a folder on ur desktop or smth. All u need to do to use it in OBS is:

1. Start OBS and my program,
2. Turn the countdown on for whatsoever seconds, just to be sure it created the directory and the file in it,
3. In OBS add new Text GDI and check the "read from file" box,
4. Set the file to "Timer.txt" which will be next to my program.

Now when u start the countdown it should look like this in OBS:

And yeah that's all. U can now easily use the program without any (i think) problem. If u found a bug or if u want me to improve this program, or you just want to say "great work" feel free to do this in the comments section, also don't forget to rate my program, no matter if u liked it or not, thanks and have fun!
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  1. Let's minimalize!

    Finally you can minimalize the window, it's minimalized to windows tray, from there you can...
  2. New refreshed version!!!

    Added loading last settings, also saving new settings, updated UI!

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Works Effortlessly. Would it be hard to create a Count Up Timer that starts at Zero and Ended at the time?
Works Great! Add one second to the timer and it appears to start on time. e.g. 15:01
Simple. Works from the first time. Good instructions.