Countdown Timer / Stream Timer

Free Countdown Timer / Stream Timer 2.2

Simple and straight forward, my only suggestion might be a stop and reset option or maybe a stop/reset where one click stops the timer, and another resets it. Nice work though.
Awesome!! Is it possible to set a time for the countdown? Because If I want 5 minutes I have to watch the clock so it works perfectly lol... I'd like to say I want it to stop at 10 AM so when I start it... it calculates how long I have and show the countdown (like ProPresenter has). Thanks!!!
not bad but need an hour option as want to use it for my 24 hour stream
Gonna think about that
Works Effortlessly. Would it be hard to create a Count Up Timer that starts at Zero and Ended at the time?
Works Great! Add one second to the timer and it appears to start on time. e.g. 15:01
Simple. Works from the first time. Good instructions.