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Very useful for setting white balance and color grading. Great work!
This is an absolutely wonderful plug-in. I took this plug-in and incorporated into a portable version of the most recent OBS. This portable version is preconfigured with preset scenes. Anything placed into the VIDEO SOURCE scene will be reflected in all other scenes for Vector/Waveform/False/Zebra

Used NDI Tools IRE Test Patterns 0-100 by increments of 5 to build out a scale for false color.

Download Link to ZIP file - Unzip and read the README to get started.
must be used when working with any cameras.
brilliant work !
Amazing work. The level of detail and customization available is astounding.
Great job !
Can't believe I didn't know about this plugin sooner. This is an amazing resource for people who have bad monitors and need to know how to monitor their webcams and such properly. I made a video on this plugin for that reason. Thank you!
I had small challenges with installation but anyhow, I did it in 15 minutes after finding this plugin.

First impression of the plugin is very very good. I am streaming events performed on river - and video is often over exposed because the water is reflecting light and light is changing during the day. While in outdoors it is sometimes difficult to see the level of light from monitor.

I took some over exposed videos and compared to videos where light was ok - this plugin really show the difference, which will help me to monitor the level of light on future events.

This really seems to be solution to monitor the level of the light.
Amazing solution, makes it really easy to color correct on the fly, just like a real NLE. Thanks!