Semi-free CamRename 0.3 - Change "-" into "_" before renaming cam

In case you work with CamooZ: the "-" character will be used by it to split between camera name and profile name in the profiles list, e.g.:

HD Pro Webcam C920 - Profile 01
HD Pro Webcam C920 - Profile 02

Renaming a webcam to e.g. HD Pro Webcam C920 - Nr1 would result in
HD Pro Webcam C920 - Nr1 - Profile 01

This will confuse CamooZ, hence CamRename will from now on replace "-" with "_" before renaming
Fixed a minor issue: remove trailing or leading blanks/spaces from a copied and pasted license key.
All USB webcams can be renamed - and with this version you can rename certain (not all) virtual cams as well. Virtual cam renaming tested successfully with Snap Camera and EƖgato Virtual Camera.