Browser Transition

Browser Transition 0.1.2

This plugin is incredibly useful for web developers and designers who don't want to edit videos to change scenes. Could you also provide more detailed instructions on writing JavaScript, especially for those who aren't proficient in JavaScript? (At least that's me.) I struggle to understand script writing when it comes to changing scenes.

Ps. Sorry if it hard to read, I'm not good as English.
Instructions on writing JavaScript is not something I can help you with, as I am not proficient in JavaScript myself.
This plugin is AWESOME and I can't wait to show off this transition I made (pretty quickly, might I add!) to my community.

I am more familiar with web work than programs like After Effects so making transitions this way is a HUGE help!
Great as always, but I am curious about the usage scenario for this plugin. The only obvious benefit, I see, is to be able to control the volume of the transition in OBS as that is not able to be done with the "normal" way of uploading a transition to OBS.

Is the increased resource used worth it, for the convenience of being able to adjust the volume, or is there something else gained that I am missing?
this plugin is very good very good exeldro keep it up