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Free Boxing/Rounds browser source timer


Round timer for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing, CrossFit, and HIIT​

Boxing Interval Timer is a round timer created for use during training in any round sport, including boxing martial arts, wrestling, mixed martial arts (MMA), muay thai, kick boxing, BJJ, and more. It is straightforward, cutting-edge, and efficient, and it is suitable for HIIT exercises like TABATA and CrossFit.

Does not require adaptation to work in OBS Studio as it offers a special URL designed to be used in OBS.

Round timer features:​

  • Completely adjustable timing
  • Mobile friendly and full screen mode
  • Establish preparation, round, warning, and rest timings.
  • Sound alerts between phases
  • Phase indication by color
  • Can be utilized for HIIT activities like CrossFit, TABATA, and others.
  • Simple to use
Use the timer for activities such as running, bodyweight exercises, sprints, high-low intensity cycling, boxing, mixed martial arts, and other types of exercise. Although it reads "Boxing Interval Timer," you can also use it for circuit training, TABATA, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and CrossFit.

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    Reposition the blocks inside the browser source URL. Make sure when you create the browser...