Better Points

Semi-free Better Points 2020-05-18

Better Points
Control OBS with Twitch channel points

Channel Points 2.0
Take your Twitch Channel Points to the next level by connecting them directly to OBS. Allow your viewers to trigger complex events that can change scenes and control scene items.

Deeply Integrated
Built directly into the Channel Points page, Better Points makes it as simple as possible to integrate with both Twitch and OBS.
Better Points allows for automatically accepting or rejecting redemptions from viewers, which means it can handle cooldowns and failures (didn't play because you were in the wrong scene for example).

Simple Yet Powerful
Simple, easy to understand settings that give you full control to create complex chains of events.


Getting started is quite simple:
  1. Create a custom redemption on Twitch
  2. Set up your OBS scene
  3. Create a Better Points event on your redemption queue
  4. Redeem channel points!

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Rohan Richards
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Latest updates

  1. [Patch] v1.5.9

    Features: Modify sources in other scenes Return to starting scene Set visibility on filters...
  2. [Patch] v1.5.5 Bugfix

    Small update to solve two issues: Fixes an issue connecting to OBS after changing your settings...
  3. [Patch] UI/UX Improvements

    Features: Now showing OBS connection status on the App Bar Tooltips for most settings New App...

Latest reviews

I started using this program a few weeks ago and I love it! It is really easy to setup and even easier to add new items to it.

If you are a Twitch streamer who enjoys letting chat interact with the stream, then this is the program for you.