Better Points - Do more with channel points (now with giveaways!)

Semi-free Better Points - Do more with channel points (now with giveaways!) 0.6.1

  • Users can now set the background color on custom rewards
  • Added the ability to set redemption limits per user and per stream
  • Enable or disable custom rewards directly from the rewards list
  • Your custom reward image is now displayed within the reward list
  • Custom reward form will no longer randomly become disabled
  • Cause of the random server crashes has been identified and fixed
We have just completed a major update to Better Points, and are now moving away from using a browser extension. The extension will be retired in the coming months (with plenty of notice).
We've restarted the versioning as this is a completely new project built on a new framework. It currently offers more features than the previous extension version and will continue to receive updates with lots of content planned for 2021.

  • Dedicated website for managing your custom channel point rewards and OBS events
  • Easier linking for connecting rewards to events (more link types coming soon!)
  • More properties for sources such as position, scale and rotation
  • Instead of a single starting scene a list can be provided to allow an event to work in multiple scenes
  • OBS integration so that your scenes, sources and filters can be picked from a list instead of typed (OBS must be open and connected)
  • OBS Connection module to more easily track if OBS is connected properly

  • Fixes black text when in light mode on twitch
  • Fixes scroll not working in the new modal window
This update brings a new UI design which conceptually separates events from a redemption and introduces a new component called the "Event List". While making it easier to manage all of your existing events, this in turn allows multiple redemptions to be linked to a single event.

  • New Event List
  • Updated UI Layout
  • App window is now separated and is always visible in the queue page


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This is a small patch to address changes to the Twitch redemption queue page
  • Small update that solves the constant reconnecting that can sometimes occur.

  • We are still waiting on Chrome to approve this version and allow the app back onto the Chrome webstore. We appreciate your patience.

  • Modify sources in other scenes
  • Return to starting scene
  • Set visibility on filters
  • Redemption events will no longer play if there is currently one in progress
Small update to solve two issues:
  • Fixes an issue connecting to OBS after changing your settings
  • Fixes the cool-down bug
  • Now showing OBS connection status on the App Bar
  • Tooltips for most settings
  • New App icon
  • New dynamic buttons in the event list
  • Feedback when interacting with the server
Better Points is now available on Chrome!
More information:
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