Better Points - Do more with channel points (now with giveaways!)

Semi-free Better Points - Do more with channel points (now with giveaways!) 0.5.0

  • Fixes black text when in light mode on twitch
  • Fixes scroll not working in the new modal window
This update brings a new UI design which conceptually separates events from a redemption and introduces a new component called the "Event List". While making it easier to manage all of your existing events, this in turn allows multiple redemptions to be linked to a single event.

  • New Event List
  • Updated UI Layout
  • App window is now separated and is always visible in the queue page


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This is a small patch to address changes to the Twitch redemption queue page
  • Small update that solves the constant reconnecting that can sometimes occur.

  • We are still waiting on Chrome to approve this version and allow the app back onto the Chrome webstore. We appreciate your patience.

  • Modify sources in other scenes
  • Return to starting scene
  • Set visibility on filters
  • Redemption events will no longer play if there is currently one in progress
Small update to solve two issues:
  • Fixes an issue connecting to OBS after changing your settings
  • Fixes the cool-down bug
  • Now showing OBS connection status on the App Bar
  • Tooltips for most settings
  • New App icon
  • New dynamic buttons in the event list
  • Feedback when interacting with the server
Better Points is now available on Chrome!
More information:
Release Announcement Tweet
Users should no longer need to log in each time they open the popout queue.
No longer any need to refresh after each login
New logout button will allow you to change Twitch accounts if you've accidentally authenticated with the wrong account

Logout button:
- Allows users to change which Twitch account they have logged into
- Fixed an issue where sessions were 30 hours instead of 30 days
- Fixed an issue where redemptions did not properly load after logging in