Better Points - Do more with channel points (now with giveaways!)

Semi-free Better Points - Do more with channel points (now with giveaways!) 0.5.0

  • Trigger an OBS Event when the giveaway opens, closes, or is won
  • Post to chat with any of the giveaway events
  • Fix for Create Event button in OBS Events showing as "Upgrade" even when on pro tier
  • Fix for not being able to complete a giveaway
  • Improved stability with websocket connections
  • Draggable Actions: Items in the action list can now be dragged around to change their order
  • Duplicate Items: Custom Rewards and OBS Events can now be duplicated
  • UI Polish: Changed menu buttons to be icons
  • Auto-Accept: Automatically accepting or rejecting a reward after completing an action is now optional
  • Async Events: By setting an OBS Event as asynchronous it can now be played over the top of other events
  • Fixed an error when creating a reward with max uses per user
  • Fixed several issues that could arise if the user deleted a linked reward on Twitch
  • The TTS component wasn't loading on smaller screens
  • The sidenav would collapse when clicking the volume slider on smaller screens
  • Fixed an issue when updating a custom reward
  • Show and hide your custom rewards based on what category you're streaming in
  • Events are now placed in a queue and will play one after the other
  • Fix for switches not animating when toggling
  • When testing OBS Events the cooldown would be respected and is now ignored
  • Source groups were not visible in source lists and can now be selected and modified as a normal source
  • Sources inside source groups were also not visible and should now be selectable
  • When giveaways timed out it would take all points without selecting a winner
  • Added giveaway feature
    • Link your giveaway to a Custom Reward and users can redeem channel points to enter
    • Resetting the giveaway rejects all entrants redemptions
    • Completing the giveaway accepts all entrants redemptions
    • Pausing the giveaway will disable the custom reward so viewers can no longer enter
  • Improved some back-end code to better handle rate limiting
  • Solved an issue causing a crash on the back-end


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  • Added a Text-To-Speech module: Streamers can now create Custom Rewards that read out viewer input with the system narrator
  • Added a TTS Settings module to the main menu, use this to set up TTS
  • The Custom Reward form now properly gives feedback for errors
  • Fixed a bug where the color picker would display the wrong color
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the test button to not work properly on OBS Events
  • Users can now set the background color on custom rewards
  • Added the ability to set redemption limits per user and per stream
  • Enable or disable custom rewards directly from the rewards list
  • Your custom reward image is now displayed within the reward list
  • Custom reward form will no longer randomly become disabled
  • Cause of the random server crashes has been identified and fixed
We have just completed a major update to Better Points, and are now moving away from using a browser extension. The extension will be retired in the coming months (with plenty of notice).
We've restarted the versioning as this is a completely new project built on a new framework. It currently offers more features than the previous extension version and will continue to receive updates with lots of content planned for 2021.

  • Dedicated website for managing your custom channel point rewards and OBS events
  • Easier linking for connecting rewards to events (more link types coming soon!)
  • More properties for sources such as position, scale and rotation
  • Instead of a single starting scene a list can be provided to allow an event to work in multiple scenes
  • OBS integration so that your scenes, sources and filters can be picked from a list instead of typed (OBS must be open and connected)
  • OBS Connection module to more easily track if OBS is connected properly