Better Points - Do more with channel points (now with giveaways!)

Semi-free Better Points - Do more with channel points (now with giveaways!) 0.5.0

Better Points
Control OBS, run giveaways, play sounds, all with Twitch channel points

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Channel Points 2.0
Improve your community engagement by taking your channel point rewards to the next level. Studies have shown that interactive and unique channel point redemptions can help with the successful growth of a channel.

Deeply Integrated
Connected to the Twitch API for a fully featured experience. Better Points allows for many automations:
  • Accept or reject user redemptions (no more manually accepting them)
  • Enable and disable Custom Rewards based on what category you are streaming in
  • Create/Edit/Delete your Twitch Custom Rewards from within the Dashboard

Simple Yet Powerful
Simple, easy to understand settings that give you full control to create complex chains of events.


Current Features
  • Connect channel points to OBS
    • Change scene
    • Modify sources (position, scale, visibility etc)
    • Toggle filters
  • Run giveaways
  • Monitor chat
    • Trigger your OBS Events with chat commands
  • Category based rewards
    • Enable or disable rewards based on what category you are in
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Rohan Richards
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Latest updates

  1. [Patch] v0.5.1 Giveaway Update

    Features Trigger an OBS Event when the giveaway opens, closes, or is won Post to chat with any...
  2. [Patch] v0.4.4 Drag n' Drop

    Features Draggable Actions: Items in the action list can now be dragged around to change their...
  3. [Patch] v0.4.3 Asynchronous Events

    Features Async Events: By setting an OBS Event as asynchronous it can now be played over the...

Latest reviews

Try for free doesn't work and I have received zero response in 3 days from the developer. I'd be happy to pay for a product which works in the manner I require but also expect some initial support.
Rohan Richards
Rohan Richards
Hi there, we have tried reaching out to you via DM's, and have no record of you attempting to contact us. We're sorry that we missed this and we'd love to help you get Better Points working, so please head over to our discord or send an email to help (at)
Been using a few days and I'm in love. It's pretty easy to set up, I wish it was similar to the stream deck where you could "see" your OBS sources rather than having to hand type them. Lazy, I know.
Haven't had any real issues with it so far. The limit of a free "action" is 3 which is usually enough to activate/wait/deactivate a source or filter. That being said, $3 a month is extremely affordable as an upgrade if you're planning to do some complicated stuff.
Rohan Richards
Rohan Richards
Hey koob, we just wanted to let you know that this feature is now implemented!
I started using this program a few weeks ago and I love it! It is really easy to setup and even easier to add new items to it.

If you are a Twitch streamer who enjoys letting chat interact with the stream, then this is the program for you.