Aitum Vertical

Aitum Vertical 1.4.2

  • Added options to automatically start & stop recording/streaming when the main canvas does
  • Added ability to delete sources and scenes with delete key (backspace on mac)
  • Added ability to rename sources and scenes with F2 key (return on mac)
  • Added ability to select a connection to stream from with vertical
  • Reduced minimum height in settings window
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  • Fixed transition override duration
  • Fixed multi canvas output crop view
  • Fixed crash when switching virtual camera mode
  • Fixed crash with OBS 30.1 beta
  • Fixed crash on shutdown
  • Added virtual camera mode (Vertical/Main/Both)
  • Added Downstream Keyer support
  • Added ability to add stream delay
  • Added blend mode to scene item context menu
  • Added scale filter to scene item context menu
  • Added show in multiview to scene context menu
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Fixed crashing on closing
  • Fixed locked and visibility icons for OBS 30.1
  • Fixed debug logging in OBS 30.1
  • Fix hotkeys in vertical settings
  • Fix vendor requests to update stream key and stream server
  • Update es-ES translations (by Monsteer)
  • Added AV1 streaming support
  • Added multiple output support for the Vertical canvas (akin to multi-rtmp support)
  • Added ability to start/stop individual outputs from the Vertical streaming button
  • Added show and hide transitions for sources on the Vertical canvas
  • Added helpful “View Guide” links to each setting page
  • Added common 16:9 resolution presets
  • Added ability to update Stream Key and Stream Server via obs-websockets (by phillypro and 350d)
  • Video bitrate has been split into “Recording video bitrate” and “Streaming video bitrate”, which can be found in their respective settings pages
  • Fixed transition override use from destination scene
  • Fixed losing sources when changing vertical resolution
  • Fixed minimum recording/streaming bitrate to 2000kbps, to combat errors caused by the previous default setting of 50kbps
  • Fixed various issues on Vertical Settings, including minimum window size improvements & cleaner styling
  • Fixed Linux flatpak build for OBS 30
  • Translation updates, special thanks to: ru-RU by 350d, pt-BR by Yantor, de-DE by ToTXR4Y, sv-SE by Miixtr
Aitum Vertical Plugin 1.2.5
  • Fix error when switching scene collection
Fix issue relating to transitions that caused an error
  • Fix potential crash on shutdown
When obs websocket unloads before vertical unloads it causes a crash, this is now fixed

Aitum Vertical Plugin 1.2.4
  • Fix error when switching scene collection
Don't transition away when switching scene collection to make sure all sources can be unloaded
  • Fix potential crash on shutdown
Changed the order of unloading of the docks to prevent a crash on shutdown.