1. F

    Vertical mode for Google Meet

    Hello! I'm using the C920 webcam and I want to make consultations via Google Meet, but I want to do it in portrait mode (9:16), as my clients usually use their phones and I would like it to occupy the entire screen vertically instead of horizontally. In OBS, I already changed it to 1080x1920...
  2. H

    Is there a way to switch from horizontal to portrait scenes from OBS?

    Hello, I’d like to switch between streaming from my MacBook and my mobile all in one stream. I’ve downloaded OBS studio on my mobile and can successfully connect my mobile to my OBS on my MacBook. I can successfully see myself and switch from one scene from my computer to the scene to show my...
  3. Jaime Valencia

    iPad Screen Share - Resolution Problem

    Hi guys, I'm a newbie here! So apologies if I missed something obvious. I share my iPad screen on my Zoom lessons and I use the Vertical plugin by Aitum to backtrack record. The iPad stream is fine (left image), but the resolution on the vertical backtracks changes (right image) They both...
  4. Aitum

    Aitum Vertical 1.4.2

    Make content for TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Live, and more without the fuss. Use a separate canvas to manage your vertical content, and link your normal & vertical scenes together for seamless synchronisation between your platforms.
  5. shipiloff69

    OBS vertical stream in Youtube is not working properly!

    The latest version of OBS (mac or windows) is not streaming YouTube videos correctly! In the OBS settings, video tab I set all the necessary values for vertical streaming. If you go to youtube broadcast, it becomes a horizontal stream for some reason. If necessary, I can shoot a video with...