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OBS Python Advanced Filename Formatter 1.1.1

  • Added sanitization to Windows filenames : the characters * " < > : | ? will be remplaced by an underscore.
  • Fixed a potential crash on reloading script after adding it.
  • Added counters, which increase every time a file is saved.
  • Added tokens for the spelled out month and day name, $Month$ and $Day$, as well as for abbreviated month and day, $month$ and $day$.
  • Fixed a minor error when from_file wasn't defined for newly created text sources
  • Added v$[file_text]$ as token for text sources, for when the source is set to read from file.
  • Added v$username$ as token, standing for the user's username.
  • Added the ability to add tokens for specific sources without procs.
  • Limited the generated filename to 250 characters, so as to not overwrite the extension.
Added v$user$ as token, standing for the user's Home directory.