Question / Help Wireless Headphones monitoring


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Hello 1st time posting and 1st time OBS user. I have gotten everything set up thru Streamelements except I just can't figure out the audio monitoring. My OS is Windows 10 ver 1903. I am using a Blue Yeti Pro mic USB connection. My headphones are Arctis 7 wireless. I have my mic working but trying to get my headphones to monitor my audio I can't get them to work. I also want to use headphones for discord chat but do not want that to come thru to stream. I have been all over forums and YouTube and can't seem to figure it out. I plugged my headphones into the Mic and I can hear but then it's not wireless now and not sure if the Mic will then pick up chat. Another issue is the Arctis 7 Headphones have separate drivers named chat and game... Im about to give up on trying to stream please help!

Ryzen 3900x
Sapphire 5700 xt
Asus Crosshair Hero VIII
FlareX 32g