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Free Windows Media Player Title/Artist text output (Ticker) 1.0


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ttyler777 submitted a new resource:

Windows Media Player Title/Artist text output (Ticker) - A plugin that outputs the current song that is playing in Windows Media Player into a text file


This is a simple Windows Media Player plugin that outputs the currently playing file into a text file. Great for adding your currently playing song to your stream!


This plugin has been tested on the following systems:
  • Windows 10 64-bit, with Windows Media Player 12
If you successfully run the plugin on another system, please let me know so I can add it to the list.


To install:

1. Close...

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Dude. Excellent idea, terrible execution. Why would you cause it to generate a file without at least 1-2 spaces on the end. You need to rewrite the script to do that so that the end of the the song title and the beginning of the artist don't become one word.


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I had this installed and working perfectly but then I had to recover my whole system and just format my computer. When I go to install it, it gives me an error.
Is there something I need to install/update before using this?



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Thank you a lottttt!!!!!

Windows 10 Pro (1709) with WMP12

Do you think you could try to make it for Groove Music on Windows 1709? Since they upgraded the Audio Engine and ad some EQ this app is almost perfect for my flac sound as WMP.

Thank you so much for this ;)


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It's a great work! But it works when I my song title is in English, can you try to make it for other language like Japanese :) ?

btw Thanks so much for this :)